Episode 55: EYF Chatter with La Bien Aimée
Original Airdate: 15 March 2017
We're still high from the amazing energy that was this year's edition of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. We recap our visit to the show, wrap up the Blacker Yarns PodKAL and chat about our favourite bits. We also have a special interview with Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée yarns and yarn and tea shop L'Oisive Thé in Paris.

Episode 54: Stashing Season
Original Airdate: 26 February 2017
With the start of yarn festival season we thought it a good time to revisit our top tips for preparing for a yarn show to make sure you're set up for success. Hint: a lot of lists are involved. We've even got a downloadable tip sheet to help you make your own lists and thoughtful purchases. 

Episode 53: Yarn Love
Original Airdate: 6 February 2017
February is here and we're showing our love for all things yarn! We catch up on our Blacker PodKAL progress, chat about the Yarn Love Challenge on Instagram and have an interview with Carmen at A Yarn Story about new bespoke Walcot Yarns that she's been collaborating on with Sharon of Great British Yarns.

Episode 52: Make Happy
Original Airdate: 18 January 2017
Welcome back! We've had a nice long break to recover from the mayhem that was the end of 2016, as well as think about themes and a new direction for the podcast this year. We also launch Team Yarn in the City for the Blacker PodKAL leading up to this year's Edinburgh Yarn Festival.