What Knitting Does To Your Brain: the many benefits of knitting (and crocheting)—this time backed by 95% more SCIENCE!

Heather Ordover, writer and teacher, host of the long-running Craftlit podcast, author of YA fictiondesigner of knitting patterns and editor of literary-inspired knitting books will be joining us for a very special talk on 18th October on how knitting (and crocheting) can give your mind what it needs. Here's an excerpt from her website, Cognitive Anchoring:

"Do you doodle? Knit? Crochet? Do you know these things help you concentrate on what you’re hearing? And do you wish you could do those things in meetings or when sitting with friends without facing the ire of your boss or snarky comments about how you never pay attention?

You’ve come to the right place. This blog will tune you in to the latest research proving once and for all that your brain—your wonderful, interesting, creative, fast-moving brain—works better when your hands are doing something automatic (like knitting, doodling, or crocheting)."

Date: Sunday, 18th October, 1:30-3:30 pm

Location: Whirled Cinema, 259 Hardess St, London SW24 0HN

Tickets for the event are now available, £15.00 each.