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We are thrilled to announce that, as an accompaniment to this year's Great London Yarn Crawl and Pop-Up Marketplace, we will be hosting knitting designer, author, and technical editor extraordinaire Kate Atherley for two workshops on Sunday, 6th September 2015!


Kate is the Managing Technical Editor for Knitty, as well as a designer of and writer about knitting. Her latest book, Pattern Writing for Knit Designers, draws on her extensive experience as a technical editor and provides concrete guidelines and examples for everything from what information needs to be included in a knitting pattern, to how to use charts and written instructions, to how to properly and clearly communicate sizing and measurement information. Kate is also a devoted lover of handknit socks and has a new book for Interweave Press debuting this summer called Custom Socks. Kate teaches extensively in Toronto, Canada, as well as across North America, and has online classes with Interweave and Craftsy.

The workshops will be held at Jigsaw 24, located on Golden Square in Soho in central London,  a short, two minute walk from Picadilly tube station. Tickets will go on sale at 10:00 am on Wednesday, 1 July 2015.

Here's what Kate has to say about the workshops she'll be teaching:



introduction to knitwear design

This is a class for experienced knitters who are interested in designing their own pieces. We'll discuss how to successfully take an idea and convert it into a knittable design, whether it is a garment or an accessory. Starting with a hat as an example, I'll show you how to turn a pattern stitch and a skein of yarn into a finished item. From there, we'll talk about garment design: different constructions and shapes, and how to modify them to meet your fit and style needs and express your creativity and design ideas.

I'll share clever maths-reducing shortcuts for creating your own designs using existing templates, and show you how to dig deep into the numbers when you're ready. We'll talk about sizing and grading, including a discussion of how to estimate yarn requirements. We'll also discuss yarn choices, and I'll provide strategies for ensuring  your design appeals to as broad an audience as possible. Along the way, we'll tackle the thorny issue of copyright and originality, and I'll provide some guidelines for designers on respecting others' copyright, and having others respect yours.

Skill level: Intermediate, aspiring designer; suitable for those just dipping their toes into modifications, customizations and designing.

Length: Three hours (this class will take place from 9:30am to 12:30pm)

Students should bring: Paper, pencil, a tape measure and a calculator; optionally, bring sketches of the design they wish to create.

Price: £45


pattern writing skills


You've designed a great piece, and now it's time to write up the pattern to share with others. Whether you want to self-publish or submit to a publication, this class will show you how to write up a clear and easy-to-follow pattern that works for any knitter. The class will focus on providing complete guidelines for your pattern writing: what needs to be included and how to write it down. We'll dig deep into the minutiae of pattern instructions and I'll help you build your own style sheet: all the details of brackets, asteriks, numbers and punctuation. I'll share a master glossary and provide tips for how to handle special techniques and references. I will cover how to express sizing and measurement information, the creation and use of schematics and the role of charts for special pattern stitches, reviewing a variety of solutions for creating them.

Along the way, we'll discuss pattern writing styles for different experience levels and how identifying your audience makes for better patterns and happier knitters. And we'll finish with a discussion of the other steps required to make a pattern ready for release: layout and photography, test knitting and technical editing, and submitting to a publication for consideration.

Skill level: Intermediate; aspiring designers or established designers who are looking for some help to improve their pattern writing skills.

Length: Three hours (this class will take place from 2-5pm)

Students should bring: Paper, pencil, a tape measure and a calculator; optionally, bring samples, notes and the details of the design they wish to publish.

Price: £55 (a hard copy of Kate's book Pattern Writing for Knit Designers is included with this class)

In addition to pattern writing and knitwear design, Kate is also passionate about knitting socks! Her latest book, Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet, has just been released by Interweave Press. Thanks to their generosity in sponsoring Kate's workshops while she's here in London, we'll have two copies of Custom Socks to give away as door prizes, one in each of Kate's workshops. 

Kate will also be showing samples from her book at the Indie Designer Spotlight at the Pop-Up Marketplace happening on Saturday, 5th September.

Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet
By Kate Atherley