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All workshops are three hours in length and require advance registration.
Entrance to the Yarnporium marketplace is included in the cost of the workshop. 
All workshops are £60 each.


Brioche Stitch Basics - Renée Callahan
The popularity of Brioche has exploded and shows no sign of slowing down! Come and learn this addictive stitch and see what all the fuss is about! Renée will take you through the basics including brioche stitch terminology, knitting plan brioche stitch, how to work two-colour brioche stitch and increases and decreases.

Experience Level - Intermediate: confident knitting, purling, casting on, unknitting.


  • 4mm circular needle
  • 2 x 50g balls of DK weight yarn: one light and one dark



Brioche Next Steps - Renée Callhan
Take your brioche skills to the next level! In this class Renée will cover cast on and cast off techniques for two-colour brioche stitch, reading a brioche stitch chart, working increases and decreases and how to gauge swatch for brioche stitch. You will also begin a brioche stitch accessory designed for the class.

Experience Level - Advanced: familiar with basic brioche knitting and basic chart reading. Please bring a sample of your brioche knitting.


  • 4mm circular needle
  • 2 x 50g balls of DK weight yarn: one light and one dark









Crochet for Knitters - Joanne Scrace
This class is designed for knitters who would like to be able to do basic crochet in order to edge and finish knitted items and maybe to tempt you to try crochet in its own right! In this class you will explore how to make a chain and how that can be used for a provisional cast on, how to do surface crochet for decoration or to strengthen sagging knitwear, how to make a double stitch for use in a picot edging, and how to make a treble stitch for use in a shell edging.

No crochet experience is required.


  • Large swatch for experimenting on and extra yarn in the same weight in a contrasting colour
  • 4mm crochet hoot for DK weight yarn or 3.5mm crochet hook for 4ply yarn







Fibre and Yarn 101 - Julia Billings
These days, we have access to so many different types of yarns that choosing the right one for a knitting or crochet project can be overwhelming... and yet yarn choice can be the difference between a garment you love and wear forever and a frustrating mess. This class is designed to teach you how to work out the type of yarn best suited to your project and how to find it.

In this class you will look at the various types of natural fibres and the processes involved in turning them into yarn including scouring, spinning and dyeing and you will learn how these processes influence how a yarn looks, feels and behaves during and after knitting. You'll also swatch with a seres of yarns and discuss possible uses for them, as well as how to recognise the yarns that will work for you before you even get them out of the shop.

Experience Level - Beginner: able to cast on and off, knit and purl.


  • 4mm needles

Knitting Hap Shawls - Karie Westermann
Shetland lace sounds daunting but in this workshop you will learn how to apply the techniques to make a hap shawl. With Karie you'll explore the various techniques used in a hap shawl: picking up stitches, reading and understanding a lace chart and how to knit an applied edge. Karie will also talk about different lace traditions and how best to 'hack' a lace shawl. You'll also get a chance to look at some stunning samples while you crack the code!

Experience Level - Intermediate: No prior lace experience is necessary but you should be able to knit, purl, do yarn overs and knit two together.


  • 25-50g of 4ply yarn (at least 50% wool)
  • 4mm circular or straight needles (if circular, then at least 24" long)
  • 5 stitch markers







Knitting the Landscape - Karie Westermann
Psychogeography is about seeing your local environment in a new light: bike lanes, paths worn by human feet, and old forgotten rivers. It is about wandering your home town and looking closer at things you pass every day.

This class will be an exploration of how to express your memories and thoughts of a specific place using knitting as a medium. Karie will talk about her own experiences designing knitwear inspired by specific landscapes - from shawls mimicking submerged beaches to hats taking visual cues from her Glasgow cityscape.

Together youwill begin to explore your own landscapes on the needles. What is the fabric of your own place? How can you translate the way you navigate the City into a wearable piece of knitwear? Karie will guide you in thinking about textures, stitch patterns and colours - and make you look at familiar streets in a new way.

Knitting is never 'just knitting' - it can be a wonderful way of engaging with the world in a way that also keeps you warm!

Experience Level - Intermediate to Advanced: You'll be exploring ideas rather than knitting straight from a pattern.


  • Bring yarn that you associate with the place you want to explore
  • Bring appropriate needles
  • Bring at least two photographs of the place you want to explore (or drawings if the place you want to knit is imaginary)
  • Pen and paper
  • An open mind - this won't be your average knitting class!

Photographing Your Knits - Kat Goldin
Whether you want to sell patterns or just capture great photos of your finished objects, this class will help you get the "killer shot" whatever kind of camera you use.

We live in an increasingly visual world, with sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook driving much of the internet's traffic. Great images are key to getting your projects noticed. This class will cover working with light, your photography kit (what you need and what you don't), working with your own style, creating engaging flatlays, working with models (even if that model is yourself), and editing.

The course will also include time for a walkabout (weather permitting) to capture inspiration and images outside.


  • This is a hands on course so please bring whatever camera or phone you use
  • One finished object to photograph

Yarn and Colour for Stranded Knitting - Juju Vail
Explore colour and yarn choice for Fair Isle / stranded knitting. Learn Juju's sticky vs. slippery method of choosing yarns, selecting colours, and matching gauges to find yarns that play nicely together. You will experiment with yarn colours in a hands-on way to evaluate proportion, contrast and proximity. You will also use various apps to experiment with new combinations, colour and design ideas. 

If you have taken a stranded knitting course with Juju before, this is new materials which extends what you have already learned. Participants are encouraged to bring photos or postcards (either virtual or real) of colour moods they admire. If they have smartphones or tablets, these are also encouraged. Other materials will be supplied.

Experience Level - Suitable for all levels.


  • Bring photos or postcards (virtual or real)
  • Smartphone or tablet