Episode 72: White Christmas
Original Airdate: 21 December 2017
In our final episode for the year we chat about overextending ourselves with our holiday knitting plans, check out new yarn Hudson from The Yarn Collective, as well as the Nudiknits book and calendar for 2018 (for which we have a giveaway!). Includes an announcement about our upcoming mini-hiatus.

Episode 71: A Woolly Good Time
Original Airdate: 15 November 2017
With our being halfway through Wovember and our first ever Wovember Instagram Challenge, we chat about the images and stories being shared with the challenge and wax philosophical about our own journeys and experiences with wool.

Episode 70: Hat Genius
Original Airdate: 25 October 2017
Self-proclaimed Hat Architect and knitting designer Woolly Wormhead joins us on the podcast to chat about hat knitting, knitting sideways, short rows and her new collection Elemental. You won't look at knitted hats the same way again! We also reveal our upcoming Instagram daily photo challenge for Wovember.

Episode 69: Shetland
Original Airdate: 9 October 2017
Allison is back from Shetland and tell tells us all about her trip. To get in our own Shetland spirit we also review new pattern books Wool Journey: Shetland from Pom Pom Press as well as designer Marie Wallin's new book Shetland.

Episode 68: GLYC Wrap Up
Original Airdate: 1 October 2017
It's our final wrap up of our favourite annual event, the Great London Yarn Crawl, and our fifth anniversary! Featuring the audio from our live interview with special guest Erika Knight that took place at this year's after party. Erika shares her passion and some great stories with us from a life in yarn and knitting!

Episode 67: New Season New Yarn
Original Airdate: 14 September 2017
We've got winners to announce from the GLYC Anniversary KAL as well as a new yarn from Blackers Yarns to tell you all about. We chat about our autumn knitting and making plans and there's TWO fantastic giveaways on this episode too!

Episode 66: North American Yarn Adventures
Original Airdate: 29 August 2017
We're back from our summer hols and get caught up with one another. Rachel has had a dyeing adventure in the northeastern United States and Allison has criss-crossed Canada, and managed to get some work done visiting a few yarn shops too.

Episode 65: How do you lace?
Original Airdate: 16 August 2017
We're still apart on summer holidays this summer but get together to chat about lace techniques. We think lace is perfect for summer knitting - so light and airy! - and offer our tips and experiences for the best lace knitting experience, plus pattern suggestions if you're just getting started.

Episode 64: Quiet
Original Airdate: 30 July 2017
We've been pretty quiet this summer as we've both been away on summer holidays. It's a nice time for reflection and quiet making. It's good to reconnect with the basics!

Episode 63: Summer Along
Original Airdate: 7 July 2017
Hooray for summer being here! We chat all about our plans for the upcoming holidays as well as what we'll be working on - some of which corresponds to the many "alongs" happening in the yarn-iverse right now. Plus a GLYC update too.

Episode 62: How Did That Happen?
Original Airdate: 21 June 2017
It's kind of overwhelming for us to think that this is the 5th anniversary of the Great London Yarn Crawl! We announce the plans for this year's GLYC ahead of tickets going on sale on July 1st. This episode includes some summer event listings too.

Episode 61: It's Knitalong Time!
Original Airdate: 5 June 2017
We're excited to chat with knitting designer Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade on this episode of the podcast. Helen has updated her Fireflies Rising shawl for us for this year's GLYC KAL kicking off on July 1st and we chat with her about her designs, KALs and community.

Episode 60: In Conversation With RIB Magazine
Original Airdate: 24 May 2017
Another special interview that we've been saving since our visit to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival earlier this year. Eric Lutz, publisher of new RIB magazine - the magazine for men who knit and those who knit for them - joins us on the podcast to chat about all things men's knits and the new magazine.

Episode 59: A Decade
Original Airdate: 9 May 2017
Community is something we talk about again and again and on this episode of the podcast we chat about the 10 year anniversary of Ravelry and how they've been so instrumental in uniting knitters and crocheters - indeed, all fibre lovers! - around the world.

Episode 58: Colourful Collaboration
Original Airdate: 24 April 2017
Rachel is back and we've got special guests on this episode of the podcast! Kate Bostwick of Cowtown Knits and Lola Johnson of Third Vault Yarns join us to chat about their collaborative experience as independent makers. Plus all our usual bits and what we're working on.

Episode 57: A Yarn Shop Buyer's Road Trip
Original Airdate: 9 April 2017
With Rachel away on holiday Allison pulls Carmen from A Yarn Story into the co-pilot seat! We chat about our recent trip to Cologne, Germany for the annual craft trade fair where we were on the stand for SweetGeorgia Yarns. It's some geeky chatter about buying for a yarn shop and trends we're seeing in the coming seasons.

Episode 56: Coffee and Colour
Original Airdate: 26 March 2017
We've got some events to tell you about as well as what we're working on before we move on to chat about two new knitting books: Coffee with C.C. (and Dami too!) by C.C. Almon and her daughter Dami, and Knit the Rainbow by Joy McMillan of The Knitting Goddess.

Episode 55: EYF Chatter with La Bien Aimée
Original Airdate: 15 March 2017
We're still high from the amazing energy that was this year's edition of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. We recap our visit to the show, wrap up the Blacker Yarns PodKAL and chat about our favourite bits. We also have a special interview with Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée yarns and yarn and tea shop L'Oisive Thé in Paris.

Episode 54: Stashing Season
Original Airdate: 26 February 2017
With the start of yarn festival season we thought it a good time to revisit our top tips for preparing for a yarn show to make sure you're set up for success. Hint: a lot of lists are involved. We've even got a downloadable tip sheet to help you make your own lists and thoughtful purchases. 

Episode 53: Yarn Love
Original Airdate: 6 February 2017
February is here and we're showing our love for all things yarn! We catch up on our Blacker PodKAL progress, chat about the Yarn Love Challenge on Instagram and have an interview with Carmen at A Yarn Story about new bespoke Walcot Yarns that she's been collaborating on with Sharon of Great British Yarns.

Episode 52: Make Happy
Original Airdate: 18 January 2017
Welcome back! We've had a nice long break to recover from the mayhem that was the end of 2016, as well as think about themes and a new direction for the podcast this year. We also launch Team Yarn in the City for the Blacker PodKAL leading up to this year's Edinburgh Yarn Festival.