Episode 90: The Christmas Episode
Original Airdate: 23 December 2018
We may be apart with Rachel in Australia and Allison in London but thanks to modern technology and time zone calculators we coordinated our schedules to get together for some Christmas yarny chatter. We’ve got new WIPs on the needles and spinning plans for 2019 too.

Episode 89: Gap Year
Original Airdate: 30 November 2018
With the Yarnporium over for another couple of years there are some big changes happening at Yarn in the City. Our girl Rachel and her family are taking a year off to travel to far flung places and the podcast will be taking a wee break too.

Episode 88: Party in the City
Original Airdate: 9 November 2018
It’s a wrap on Yarnporium 2018 and we’re still riding the yarn fumes! With the event in our rearview mirror we have a recap chat about what we loved about the show and turn our thoughts to what we might make now that the show is over. Thanks to everyone for making Yarnporium so special!

Episode 87: Launching Local Yarn Love
Original Airdate: 21 October 2018
Our super secret project that we’ve been working on is finally out of the bag! With just under two weeks to go to the Yarnporium it’s time to tell you all about the Mini Yarn Guide: London, a yarn-focused update to our original London Craft Guide. Featuring yarn and shop profiles, and new patterns too!

Episode 86: Germantown
Original Airdate: 7 October 2018
Continuing our theme chatting about Yarn Adventures we have a little chat with Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley of Kelbourne Woolens. They share their 10 year yarn journey with us - culminating in the release of their new yarn Germantown and a special appearance at this year’s Yarnporium!

Episode 85: Countdown
Original Airdate: 23 September 2018
There’s only five weeks to go until this year’s Yarnporium! Eep! We cast on for the Yarnporium Countdown KAL, chat about what we’re working on (besides the show!) and all the exciting things you can look forward to at this year’s Yarnporium.

Episode 84: Group Projects
Original Airdate: 9 September 2018
We recap this year’s Great London Yarn Crawl and announce our Yarnporium KAL to help us countdown to the show with a beautiful shawl designed by Karie Westermann. Plus we’ve got a yarn-y review of some woolly goodness from Marina Skua, one of our Indie Maker Spotlight exhibitors at the Yarnporium.

Episode 83: Anticipation
Original Airdate: 29 August 2018
Does autumn and back-to-school make you feel like the start of a brand new year? We're on pins and needles in this episode and so excited for the cooler weather to be upon us. We chat about what we're casting on (hint: everything!) and have a few more hints about fun Yarnporium-related stuff too!

Episode 82: Working on Holiday Time
Original Airdate: 15 August 2018
In what seems to be our annual summer holiday episode we catch up with each other on our respective travels and what we've been up to. Yarn adventures include visiting new shops, harvesting woad for indigo dyeing, and what we've been working on during our travels.

Episode 81: The Power of Community
Original Airdate: 29 July 2018
Knitters are using their powers for good and we couldn't be more proud! On this episode of the podcast we chat about the recent anti-Trump rally in London and the East London Yarn Triangle's Say Balls to Trump knitted banner. Then we move on to chatting about the amazing movement of the Countess Ablaze's Tits Out Collective.

Episode 80: Milli's Yarn Adventure with Tribe Yarns
Original Airdate: 9 July 2018
We love it when a new yarn shop opens and SW London, or more specifically Richmond, is about to get one! We sat down with Milli to learn more about how she started on her adventure to being a yarn shop owner and everything that has gone into getting the shop ready. Tribe Yarns is joining us on this year's GLYC too!

Episode 79: GLYC 2018 and Yarn Crawl Season
Original Airdate: 13 June 2018
We can hardly believe that it's almost time for the Great London Yarn Crawl again, or at least time to reveal more details! We've got some changes to tell you about on this episode as well as when route info and tickets will be available. We also chat about how yarn crawls and other events can help our LYSs in the hotter months.

Episode 78: The Making of a Magazine
Original Airdate: 25 May 2018
The last of our pre-recorded interviews from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, we kick back with G&Ts with the editors of Laine Magazine, Jonna Hietala and Sini Ellen to chat about the crazy adventure they've been on with the creation of their magazine. In this episode we also reveal the amazing teachers joining us for this year's Yarnporium.

Episode 77: Rise of the Machine
Original Airdate: 9 May 2018
Allison has finally and successfully enabled Rachel into exploring machine knitting. After having a play with Rachel's new machine and trying out new things, we chat about how excited we are to be on this new yarn adventure of discovering new skills and techniques.

Episode 76: Talking About Tuck Stitches
Original Airdate: 22 April 2018
We're delighted to bring you another interview that we recorded during the busy-ness of EYF! The Queen of Brioche, Nancy Marchant, joins us on the podcast to chat about specialty stitches, swatching and texture, all in relation to her new book Tuck Stitches: Sophistication in Handknitting.

Episode 75: More Yarn Show Hijinks
Original Airdate: 9 April 2018
Organising a yarn show is no small feat! On this episode we chat with Dublin LYS owner of This is Knit, Lisa Sisk. Lisa is also one of the organisers of the upcoming Woollinn Dublin, a new yarn show happening at the end of May in Dublin. Plus we have a pair of tickets to giveaway too!

Episode 74: Scottish Adventures
Original Airdate: 2 April 2018
We're (mostly) recovered from this year's trip to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and we've got our full EYF recap for you here. Includes an interview with the lovely Gina Ross of Natural Yarns from South Africa as well as on-the-spot interviews with EYF yarn lovers!

Episode 73: Let's have a yarn adventure!
Original Airdate: 27 February 2018
We're back after a brief hiatus at the beginning of 2018 and we are raring to go with our theme for this year: Yarn Adventures. Our first guest is Maylin Scott who manages to find wool everywhere! Plus we're getting excited about the upcoming Edinburgh Yarn Festival in a few short weeks.