The Great London Yarn Crawl 2019

As you probably know, tickets for this year’s week-long edition of the Great London Yarn Crawl go on sale on Monday, 1 July at 10:00 am London time. While there aren’t any specific routes this year, the GLYC shops have pulled out all the stops to make sure the week is full of special events and offers to make your yarn crawling adventures amazing!

The awesome shops of the East London Yarn Triangle

The awesome shops of the East London Yarn Triangle

Let’s kick things off with the three shops that make up the East London Yarn Triangle. Fabrications will be hosting the amazing Erika Knight (the GLYC 2017 plenary speaker!) for a discussion of sustainable fibers on Friday night and a trunk show of her patterns on Saturday, 7th September. Throughout the week, Fabrications visitors will also get a free goody bag if they spend over £15.

Knit with Attitude has a great line up of workshops through the week, with £5 from each workshop participant going directly to Refuge! On Sunday 1st September, they will host a bookbinding workshop, with a weaving workshop with London Loom to follow on Wednesday the 3rd. GLYC Yarn Crawlers will get 10% off purchase during the event, and the shop will give out one random goody bag each day.

Wild & Woolly has two special events planned: an Indigo Blues Party on Wednesday, 4th September for anyone who wants to come try their hand at indigo dyeing, and the launch of the Made & Worn app (with a trunk show). Timing of the app launch is to be confirmed, but check back on the Events and Offers page for updates.

Richmond’s Tribe Yarns celebrates their 1st anniversary in September!

Richmond’s Tribe Yarns celebrates their 1st anniversary in September!

The three East London Yarn Triangle shops are also teaming up with Tribe Yarns in Richmond for guided tours on Saturday, 7th September. Details will be provided nearer to the start of the GLYC.

Sharp Works can be found in charming Herne Hill, south London

Sharp Works can be found in charming Herne Hill, south London

Sewing mavens Ray Stitch in Islington and Herne Hill’s Sharp Works will both be offering 10% off purchases during the event, and visitors to Sharp Works will also be able to check out some new patterns, discount vouchers and a lucky dip.

The Handweaver’ Studio offers many tools to help you expand your skills in the fibre arts

The Handweaver’ Studio offers many tools to help you expand your skills in the fibre arts

Back across the river the Handweavers Studio will be offering 5% off all yarns, fibres and drop spindles to yarn crawlers showing their passports during GLYC week. Be sure to check out their rainbow of amazing weaving yarns!

Have a wander through Islington’s Camden Passage to discover Loop

Have a wander through Islington’s Camden Passage to discover Loop

Loop is also offering a discount to yarn crawlers and will be putting forward an amazing prize too. Will you try to collect a stamp from all 12 participating shops?

Be sure to bring your GLYC passport on all your shop visits to be able to take advantage of these special offers and get your passport stamped to be entered into our door prize drawing on 15th September! Sadly we can’t collect items for Knit for Peace this year, but if you’d like to pull some together in the run up to the Yarn Crawl, you’ll find instructions on how to donate on their website here.

Tickets will go on sale on Monday, 1st July, 2019 so mark your calendars and bookmark the ticket page!

YINGO = Yarn in the City Yarn Bingo

Hello yarn lovers!

As we promised on our most recent episode of the podcast, we've been planning a new photo challenge in honour of our visit to the upcoming Edinburgh Yarn Festival and the Blacker Yarns Podcast Lounge. It's a little something we like to call YINGO. Or, Yarn in the City Yarn Bingo.

Want a  PDF version ? Download your Yarn in the City YINGO card  here !

Want a PDF version? Download your Yarn in the City YINGO card here!

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast yet or you've found this post from Instagram, we just want to outline how it's going to work, plus provide a few rules to keep in mind:

  1. Follow Yarn in the City on Instagram (if you haven't already).
  2. Use the collage or multi-photo feature on Instagram when you have a YINGO. These can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
  3. Use the caption to tell us which photo prompts your YINGO images correspond to.
  4. Tag your post with the hashtags #yarninthecityyingo #yarnbingo #yitcyarnadventures.
  5. Each YINGO post is worth one entry for our yarn-y prize pack.
  6. If you complete your entire YINGO card you'll get FIVE entries!
  7. Our yarn-y prize pack winner will be drawn randomly the week of March 19th from entries that we see on Instagram using the hashtags between Monday, March 12th and Sunday, March 18th, 2018.

See? Simple! BUT, as we said on the podcast, there are a few things for you to consider:

  1. It goes without saying but we will say it anyway: if you're taking a photo of someone, or someone's stand, or someone's stash or someone's whatever, please ask permission first!
  2. BE CREATIVE! Don't assume that these prompts are related to ticketed events - we've purposefully left some of the EYF-related prompts more general so that they're not specific to an event that not everyone may have a ticket for. Knit night could be with your mates in your Airbnb, the lobby of your hotel, on the train up to Edinburgh, wherever!
  3. Yarn is lovely but so is Edinburgh - get out and try to see some of the city too!
  4. We all know that the Edinburgh Yarn Festival is a big deal to a lot of people (visitors, vendors, teachers, volunteers, etc) and Jo and Mica and their team work incredibly hard to make this amazing thing happen. It is also incredibly busy, not to mention easy to succumb to the yarn fumes! With that mind, please be kind and conscious of people's time and space.

That's it! We can't wait to play along with you and see what wonderful images you guys choose to share with us. We'll both be working during the show so you can find us either in the Podcast Lounge or working on the A Yarn Story stand. We'll be enjoying EYF vicariously through your images!

Not long to go now! See you in Edinburgh!

Ready for a yarn-y day out with this year's Great London Yarn Crawl?

Hey yarn and fibre lovers! Are you joining us for the 5th anniversary of the Great London Yarn Crawl this Saturday? We're looking forward to seeing you at the After Party and Mini Yarn Market (don't forget to save some of your funds for our awesome vendors who will be there!)  where we'll be joined by special guest Erika Knight!

With so much to look forward to, it's time to revisit our top tips for making the most of your day out yarn crawling around the capital:

  1. Comfy shoes are a MUST! We've tried to minimise the walking distances as much as we can but there's still a lot involved. It might not be a lot in the moment, but it will add up over the day as you trek from bus stop to shop to tube station. You get the idea. 
  2. Carry a bottle of water with you. It can be hot and muggy in the tube. Stay hydrated to keep your energy from flagging.
  3. Pack snacks. After your initial meet up in the morning you may have a while to go before lunch, depending on your team's schedule. Have something with you to keep your energy up if there isn't time to stop for breaks between shops. Also ideal if you've got any allergies or food intolerances and aren't sure what your options will be for lunch.
  4. Oyster card. Or travel card or contactless payment card or whatever, make sure you've got it with you. Cash payments are no long accepted on London buses.
  5. Weather check. Right now it's looking like rain on Saturday, plan your wardrobe accordingly.
  6. Health concerns or issues? Please let your Yarn Guide know (privately) so that they can be aware and help you should the need arise.
  7. Shopping list. Done any advance reccy? Bring your list as time is limited in each shop. If you're shopping for a specific project bring the pattern or list of materials needed with you.
  8. (Extra) carrier bag. Your goody bag will have goodies in it, so depending your planned purchases, bring another bag.
  9. Wallet, super-secret-savings-for-stash, etc. Our shops will have some great promos for you so be ready to take advantage! You'll also want to save some cash to get some raffle tickets at the after party!
  10. Clean hands are happy hands. Bring hand sanitizer or wipes if you're leery of public transport. Also a great idea for keeping your hands clean for touching yarn, fabric, your project you brought with you...
  11. Wear something hand made! We feel this needs no explanation.
  12. Portable project. Something small, and ideal for social knitting is best. This is not the time to be carrying 10 different colours and accompanying charts. Or adding beads to lace.
  13. Charity knits for Knit for Peace. We'll be collecting these at the after party so bring any new knits that you've made to donate and we'll trade them for raffle tickets. More knits = more changes to win our grand prize!
  14. Share the yarn love. Tag your snaps on the day on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #GLYC2016. You can also use our fave #3thingsforyarnlove, #lovelocalyarn, and #placesyoucanknit.
  15. Stay connected. Trade contact info with your Yarn Guide in case anyone in the group is separated.

Have a superb GLYC and we can't wait to see your new stash acquisitions from the day!

See you Saturday!

Mini Yarn Market Vendors Round 3

Our final installment in the vendor round up for the Mini Yarn Market is packed full of amazing stuff. In this last grouping we we have four amazing indy yarn dyers: Third Vault Yarns, Whimzy, Qing Fibre and Owl About Yarn.

Third Vault Yarns is the work of geek-inspired dyer Lola Johnson, and features a range of stunning colourways built around different fandoms. 

In addition to gorgeous yarns ranging from fingering to worsted weight, Third Vault Yarns has an active collaboration with designer Kate Bostwick of Cowtown Knits, and offers kits and yarn clubs - everything you could want in one place!

Also joining us will be Whimzy, with their gorgeous range of lace, sock and DK weight yarns. 

Whimzy 1.jpeg

Whimzy has been a long-time supporter of the yarn crawl, first with mini-skeins in the goody bags and then as a vendor at the Pop Up Marketplace and Yarnporium - we're thrilled to have them back!

Newcomer Qing Fibre is also going to be at the MIni Yarn Market - you may have seen these gorgeous speckled yarns in some of the shops around London, and we can't wait to see them in person in all their glory!

Qing 3.jpeg
Qing 2.jpeg

Last but certainly not least, we are thrilled to welcome recent addition Owl About Yarn to the Mini Yarn Market vendor list!

Jenny will be bringing her fabulous yarns and project bags to the show, and hopefully her amazing themed stitch markers as well!

We hope that you are as excited about this line up as we are - only two weeks to go to the show, so get your shopping lists ready!