Meet the Vendors: Debonnaire

Our next Pop-Up Marketplace vendor to be profiled is no stranger to the yarn show circuit! The Debonnaire stall is always chock full of colourful yarns and lots to see!

The Yarn in the City Pop-Up Marketplace will feature fabulous indie makers, dyers and designers from across the UK. Tell us about your company and specialty. What are you best known for?

Debonnaire is an artisan yarn company based in south Oxfordshire. Erica hand dyes a variety of natural yarn bases sourced from the UK and Italy. Debonnaire also has a broad range of mulberry silk yarns, both straight and embellished which are hand dyed in India to Debonnaire colour ways. All yarns are supported by easy  wearable patterns designed by Erica. We has carry Clover accessories, Addi, Purina and Ebony needles.

Space is at a premium in the Pop-Up Marketplace so we've asked vendors to bring their "best of the best" - what wares will you have to tempt visitors?

This is going to be a tough one as I love all my yarns and they are all unique and special. I always bring far too much to every show and I think I will take a colour perspective on this one. I take a pretty strong colour perspective every season so this will be the first time people will see  my Fall/winter colours.

Can you tell us about the making/designing/collaborating/or other process involved in your business?

It's mainly all my effort. Despite having a large studio I have managed to take over the house kitchen as well and there is knitting , books and stuff all over the TV room. I am aided at shows by the wonderful Vanessa Hubbard.

What is your absolute favourite thing about running your business?

I love it all and there’s always something new to excite me

Tell us the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while you've been running your company, or while you've been at a yarn show or festival!

Well, there’s always something… usually involving transport . Many have seen me with an overstuffed 4x2 or 5x2 m stall little realising I usually  have arrived with it all  stuffed into my Land Cruiser. As the stock generally tries to pour out on the ground when I’m unloading I’ve been told on more than one occasion - “lady, get a van..."