Episode 7: Love-fest

In which we are A) punchy, and B) 12 years old (and not necessarily in a good way)...

What's going on:

In the works:
Rachel has had a major fail in her Insight Pullover, which she discusses at great length, but thankfully without tears (she also blogged about it). To console herself, she cast on the Windmill Bay Stole by Sashka Macievich with some lovely green Drops Alpaca, and also cast on Teresa's Lined Mittens by Mavis Adam with some Herdwick from Prick Your Finger that she bought on the 2013 GLYC.

Allison is almost done with her Munchkin Baby Blanket by Amy Swenson (just in time to ship it back to North America via Mom-post). Her Garter Squish Blanket is eating up stash, despite a small oversight in the knitting, and she's cast on for another Starsky and Hutch tea cozy by Jeni Hewlett (so adorbs!).

We highlight the ongoing Not-a-KAL KAL on our Ravelry board. This is open to anyone who has been on either edition of the Great London Yarn Crawl and wants to knit up any yarn purchased at either event - WIPs or new projects welcome! The first round of the KAL runs from 1 Feb - 1 June, and there will be prizes! And Alli has plans for the next instalment...

Serious talk: loving/valuing yourself
We discuss value: valuing our skills as makers, as professionals, and why doing something for "exposure" ain't always what it's cracked up to be. With reference to the Fiber Factor (and kudos to Skacel for their response) and Things to Never Say to a Knitter. Value yourselves, your time, your skills and your passions folks!

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Music credits (all available on NoiseTrade)
Loneliness & Alcohol - Jars of Clay
Everything You've Done Wrong - Sloan
Fierce Flawless - Ani Difranco