Introducing the Brighton Knit and Make Social

In Pride and Prejudice Mrs. Bennet says, "A little seabathing would set me up for ever."

Not that there's anything wrong with seabathing, but we rather think that the fresh air and sunshine to be enjoyed in Brighton would be even better with a picnic and portable project at hand to knit or make. With the opening of YAK earlier this year and our additional discovery of the Brighton Sewing Centre and Ditto Fabrics, we thought it was the perfect excuse for a crafty day out now that the sunshine and warmer weather is finally here - let's celebrate it!

So won't you join us on Saturday, 20 June for the first ever Brighton Knit and Make Social and Mini Crawl?

We've chatted with the shops and have organised special discounts with them for our guests joining us on the day. And we've also had some lovely door prizes donated from creative Brighton locals: Erika Knight, The Uncommon Thread, Lioness Arts, and Yellow Bear Wares.

The day out is planned to be very relaxed with opportunities to visit the shops, explore the famous Lanes, and of course, provide plenty of time for crafting and chatter. 

Tickets are only £10 and you can get them and more details on our events page here.

And keep an eye on the blog over the next couple of weeks as we'll have profiles of the shops and our lovely door prize donors too. Hope to see you there!