Meet the vendors: Textile Garden

We seem to be covering all the accessories and notions on our vendor profiles recently and today's post is no exception! No yarn festival we've attended seems to have been complete without a visit to the Textile Garden so we're extremely happy that they are joining us this September.

The Yarn in the City Pop-Up Marketplace will feature fabulous indie makers, dyers and designers from across the UK. Tell us about your company and specialty. What are you best known for? 

Hi, I'm Marguerite from Textile Garden and I sell a large range of beautiful buttons, braids etc.  My new website will be live sometime in August.

Space is at a premium in the Pop-Up Marketplace so we've asked vendors to bring their "best of the best" - what wares will you have to tempt visitors? 

There will be so many new things by September but as space will be limited, I'll be bringing a special edited selection.

Can you tell us about the making/designing/collaborating/or other process involved in your business?

I have most buttons produced for me which allows me to choose colours, designs and sizes.  I tend to work with small manufacturers/factories who make the most gorgeous things, and I visit them frequently.  I've actually seen my buttons being made, which was more interesting than it sounds.  I like to make sure my stock is actually made where I'm told it is.

What is your absolute favourite thing about running your business?

I like keeping up to speed on what's new, seeing how people dress in fashion circles.  Doing what I do allows me to indulge - without joining in!  Working with producers gives me the opportunity to see design and colour predictions for collections way ahead.  Surprisingly, they are almost always correct.  Whether it's knitting or sewing, soft furnishing or re upholstery, I'm interested in anything a little different.

Tell us the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while you've been running your company, or while you've been at a yarn show or festival!

The Stirling Wool Weekend (a few years ago) was a blast for many reasons, if you were there you will know what I mean.