Meet the vendors: Yellow Bear Wares

As makers we wear our craft with pride. Now our craft can be part of us all the time whether we're making or not, thanks to the colourful jewellery created by Yellow Bear Wares from vintage knitting needles and accessories.

The Yarn in the City Pop-Up Marketplace will feature fabulous indie makers, dyers and designers from across the UK. Tell us about your company and specialty. What are you best known for?

Hello! I'm Claire Griffiths and I make Jewellery and accessories out of vintage and upcycled knitting needles and crochet hooks. I lovingly hand make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keyrings and rings. I also sell handmade wooden tools made by my dad such as giant crochet hooks and knitting needles.

Space is at a premium in the Pop-Up Marketplace so we've asked vendors to bring their "best of the best" - what wares will you have to tempt visitors?

I'll be bringing along most of my jewellery range as it's small and easy to display with limited space, but I'm very excited about sharing my newest design- stitch markers made from tiny vintage knitting needles!

Can you tell us about the making/designing/collaborating/or other process involved in your business?

I love that I've found a medium to work with that you wouldn't expect had such potential, I really enjoy the challenge of coming up with new and exciting designs that I think knitters and yarn-folk would appreciate. 

What is your absolute favourite thing about running your business?

I have had an Etsy shop for a few years now but have recently started vending at knitting shows over the past year or so, It adds a whole different dimension to my business and I absolutely love meeting customers face-to-face. I always appreciate the many comments and constructive feedback that I get about my work and seeing my jewellery being worn by a customer is just a lovely feeling, to know that somebody values something that I made with my hands enough to wear it makes me feel very humbled. I also love the feeling that perhaps that item that I made might be making someone feel as special as I do when I wear my favourite jewellery.

Tell us the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while you've been running your company, or while you've been at a yarn show or festival!

Sorry I haven't really got an answer for this question!