Knitters Against Malaria

Hello friends and yarn lovers -

2018 has been a terrific year for Yarn in the City. As we’ve been looking back on the last year we have been overwhelmed with thanks for your support, your friendship, and your yarn love.

With Christmas right upon us, it’s easy to hunker down for the next week or two and insulate ourselves with our family and friends. But it’s also the time for giving, which is why we’ve joined up with Rosy Green Wool and designer Melanie Berg in their campaign Knitters Against Malaria, running from today until January 31, 2019.


Malaria is a disease that most of us will never come in contact with or experience thanks to where we live and the healthcare we have access to. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in less developed parts of the world. In spite of malaria being preventable and treatable, nearly half a million people die from the disease every year and 400 million become ill from it.


Mosquitos carry the disease and are most active at night so sleeping under a bednet treated with insecticides can drastically reduce infections. This has proven to be so effective that in 2000 there were an estimated 800,000 deaths from malaria, compared to half of that last year. A net typically costs between $2-3 but lasts 3-4 years.


There are so many causes to give to that it can be difficult to choose. This year the knitting community, through Knitters Against Malaria has chosen to support the Against Malaria Foundation. If you haven’t yet made your own charity donation this holiday season, or if you’ve still got a few dollars or sterling to spare, we encourage you to consider making a donation to the Against Malaria Foundation through Knitters Against Malaria.

Thank you so much for your support. We wish you and yours the very best this holiday season, and a healthy and happy new year.


Allison & Rachel
Yarn in the City