GLYC Designers: East London Knit

As we get closer to this Great London Yarn Crawl, we'd like to give you a sneak preview of some of the designers and patterns that are going to be in the goody bags for this year's event. First up is our good friend, Renée Callahan.

Renée is the fabulous designer behind East London Knit, and her designs celebrate textures and colours, coupled with interesting constructions, resulting in beautiful, wearable garments and accessories. 

Angelus Novelus , from the Klee Collection

Angelus Novelus, from the Klee Collection

Takumi  from The Zen Variations for The Fibre Co.

Takumi from The Zen Variations for The Fibre Co.

We are so lucky that Renée been a part of the Great London Yarn Crawl since our humble beginnings in 2013! She was one of our Yarn Guides that first year, and her support has gone on to include running the show at last year's Pop Up Marketplace. This year, she's contributing patterns for the goody bags. In particular, she's contributing this pattern: 

The Zigging Hat & Cowl, which is one of the fab projects in the London Craft Guide. Worked in a plump, aran weight yarn, this matching graphic hat and cowl can be made with less then 350 m of yarn. There are less than 30 tickets left for this year's Yarn Crawl, so don't miss out!!!

Many, many thanks to Renée for her support and friendship over the years. She sadly won't be at the GLYC this year, but you can find more of her gorgeous patterns at, as well as finding her on Ravelry and Instagram