Wool Gathering

We are thrilled to be the third stop on The Great Gwlana Blog Tour because without Gwlana's predecessor retreat, this website, the Great London Yarn Crawl and all the other trouble that Yarn in the City are getting up to probably would not exist. 

In October 2012, we and 28 other intrepid souls ventured out to the lovely Beggars Reach hotel to meet up with our fellow yarn maniacs for a weekend of classes, inspiration, yarn, yarn and more yarn. And while there was lots of the above, the most critical part of the weekend was the gathering: gathering with like-minded people, in an isolated spot, to spend a concentrated period of time thinking and talking and focused on knitting.

Some highlights of the weekend: the knitted shark-eating-a-baby story at the Saturday incarnation of "Today's Sweater"; seeing the Countess Ablaze stall at the mini-marketplace on Sunday; getting a rundown of the entire plot synopsis of "Downton Abbey" in ten minutes before descending on the hotel pub in our pajamas, knitting in hand, to watch that weekend's episode (and freak out the pub bartender, who had never seen anything like it). It was a gathering in the truest sense of the word - we were all invested in being together and sharing our love and enjoyment of wool - and it's a gathering that has continued to this day.

All this is a long way of saying we are so excited that Brenda has restarted the Gwlana retreat, and are gutted that we can't be at the May instalment. Having just had the experience of one of Felix's classes, and having had Brenda as a teacher previously, we are sure that the combination of Quotidian Colourwork workshop and Bespoke Yokes class is going to result in some truely stunning knitting.

If, like us, you're unable to join the May retreat, never fear! There's an autumn version scheduled for the end of October. You can find all the details about the workshops on the Gwlana website.

With that, we're going to hand it off to one last Gwlana alumna, Knit Like You Mean It. You can find all the other stops on the blog tour below - enjoy!

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