Meet the Vendors: Kettle Yarn Co.

Our next vendor profile is of Kettle Yarn Co. who has a been a long time supporter of the Great London Yarn Crawl. In fact, owner Linda Lencovic was one of our first ever Yarn Guides! 

© Juju Vail and Kettle Yarn Co.

© Juju Vail and Kettle Yarn Co.

The Yarn in the City Pop-Up Marketplace will feature fabulous indie makers, dyers and designers from across the UK. Tell us about your company and specialty. What are you best known for? 

Kettle Yarn Co. focusses on high quality, heirloom yarns that stand the test of time. I strive to find the most exquisite blends that feel amazing on but are also hard wearing and low pilling ... then I dye them up in delicious hues!

The   Boardwalk Collection      in Islington DK         © Juju Vail for Kettle Yarn Co.

The Boardwalk Collection in Islington DK © Juju Vail for Kettle Yarn Co.

Space is at a premium in the Pop-Up Marketplace so we've asked vendors to bring their "best of the best" - what wares will you have to tempt visitors? 

I will be bringing the all the gorgeous samples from my newly-released The Boardwalk Collection and will have all the juicy hues in the new thicker dk weight of Islington! People can try on, fondle the samples and see the colours in real life to choose which of the fantastic designs they'd like to knit for Autumn. 

Islington DK – 55% British BFL/ silk - from top left above:
Pavilion in Marigold by Renée Callahan, Bagatelle in Peony by Rachel C. Brown, Arcade in Verdigris by Isabell Kraemer, Promenade in Neckinger by Maria Magnusson, Jetty in Purple Reign by me, Seaward in Padparadscha by Rachel Coopey

The Boardwalk Collection in Islington DK © Kettle Yarn Co.

The Boardwalk Collection in Islington DK © Kettle Yarn Co.

I've also dyed up a large range of the buttery Westminster - Baby Camel/Silk for those of you wanting to make your own Talavera from Pom Pom Quarterly's summer issue. It takes less than a skein of this gorgeous yarn and feels absolutely incredible on:

Shades of Westminster baby camel/silk and my  Talavera      by Amanda B Collins with      Bagatelle  cowl by Rachel C. Brown from      The   Boardwalk Collection      in Islington DK       Peony           © Kettle Yarn Co.

Shades of Westminster baby camel/silk and my Talavera by Amanda B Collins with Bagatelle cowl by Rachel C. Brown from The Boardwalk Collection in Islington DK Peony © Kettle Yarn Co.

I am casting on for a Bagatelle by Yarn in the City's own Rachel Brown in the next few weeks as I just can't resist the combination of the two knits together!

Can you tell us about the making/designing/collaborating/or other process involved in your business?

I love to think of every FO in Kettle Yarn Co. yarns as a collaboration between myself and the maker and love to see each project that people make in my yarns. It is so rewarding seeing a yarn I've dyed made into something beautiful.
It is my goal that Kettle Yarn Co. yarns will always be a pleasure to knit, wear and will look amazing for years to come, for others – like me – who believe fashion shouldn’t be disposable. I want customers to take great pride in what they make and cherish the items for generations, and am always thrilled when people bring their FOs to shows to share with me!

Sibella Cardigan  by Carrie Bostick Hoge in Beyul,  Steppe  © Kettle Yarn Co.

Sibella Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge in Beyul, Steppe © Kettle Yarn Co.

What is your absolute favourite thing about running your business?

Flexibility, control over my own environment and daily schedule and all the lovely people I've been meeting through the shop and shows. Knitters and crocheters are truly a lovely bunch of people!

Tell us the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while you've been running your company, or while you've been at a yarn show or festival!

I remember a lovely moment at Unwind... A woman came in the front door, saw the Kettle booth and started squeeing! Making a beeline straight for a skein (while still squeeing!) she picked it up and proceeded to hug it to her face and pet it. Love at first sight! 

Let's just say that the two have not been parted since. ;-)