A Memory in the Making

It's no secret that Rachel and I have often credited our friend Brenda Dayne as the main reason we met thanks to our attending the Gwlana retreat in Wales back in 2012.

While visiting with Brenda earlier this year in Wales, she showed me some of the hundreds of memory bags that she's collected as part of her project A Memorable Yarn:

Each is a tiny wonder.

I confess to having had "grabby  hands" when seeing them. It was so compelling, wanting to know those stories. The stories of those yarns, and those knitters - and without even realising what I was doing I was pulling out the pages and reading them aloud to Brenda. Stories of sweaters, first knitting experiences, hated yarns, happy times and sadness, laughter and friendship - and everything in between.

There were common themes of how knitting has brought friends together, or helped us through intensely difficult periods in our lives. Knitting as a rewarding exercise, or as a supreme pain in the ass when a project isn't turning out as expected. All themes and stories that knitters and makers can identify with.

We also marvelled at how different they were from one another. Like knitters, each bag was different and unique. Some had stayed strictly to the pattern (something I strongly identify with!) while others had veered wildly off-piste with varying stitches, sizes and added embellishments. Others took the brief even further by knitting with their first attempts at spinning.

Rachel and I knew we had to find some way to incorporate the A Memorable Yarn project into the Great London Yarn Crawl and Pop-Up Marketplace and were thrilled when Brenda agreed to bring them along for you all to see. She's also going to be making the keynote speech at our Kick-Off Party and we can't wait to hear her tell us more about this remarkable project.

If you'd like to be part of the A Memorable Yarn project why not knit your own Memory Bag and bring it along to the Great London Yarn Crawl and Pop-Up Marketplace on Saturday, 5th September? Download the instructions here and bring your Memory Bag to the show where Brenda will be on hand for part of the day to chat more about the project and answer questions. And if you share a photo of your Memory Bag on social media, please tag it with #amemorableyarn.