Tips for making the most of the Great London Yarn Crawl 2016

Almost ready Yarn Crawlers?

We've been seeing some great chatter in the Ravelry group in advance of the GLYC this Saturday. We always get excited right along with you guys as folks getting organised to meet up on the day and share their lists of things they're hoping to find in each shop. We're still always tickled to read someone post, "now what project should I pack to take with me on the day?!"

And with that in mind, we've got a few tips to share with you that we hope will make your yarn-y day out the best it can possibly be. Think of the list below as a loose checklist to get you ready for this Saturday:

  1. Comfy shoes are a MUST! We've tried to minimise the walking distances as much as we can but there's still a lot involved. It might not be a lot in the moment, but it will add up over the day as you trek from bus stop to shop to tube station. You get the idea. 
  2. Carry a bottle of water with you. It can be hot and muggy in the tube. Stay hydrated to keep your energy from flagging.
  3. Pack snacks. After your initial meet up in the morning you may have a while to go before lunch, depending on your team's schedule. Have something with you to keep your energy up if there isn't time to stop for breaks between shops. Also ideal if you've got any allergies or food intolerances and aren't sure what your options will be for lunch.
  4. Oyster card. Or travel card or contactless payment card or whatever, make sure you've got it with you. Cash payments are no long accepted on London buses.
  5. Weather check. Right now it's looking like rain on Saturday, plan your wardrobe accordingly.
  6. Health concerns or issues? Please let your Yarn Guide know (privately) so that they can be aware and help you should the need arise.
  7. Shopping list. Done any advance reccy? Bring your list as time is limited in each shop. If you're shopping for a specific project bring the pattern or list of materials needed with you.
  8. (Extra) carrier bag. Your goody bag will have goodies in it, so depending your planned purchases, bring another bag.
  9. Wallet, super-secret-savings-for-stash, etc. Our shops will have some great promos for you so be ready to take advantage! You'll also want to save some cash to get some raffle tickets at the after party!
  10. Clean hands are happy hands. Bring hand sanitizer or wipes if you're leery of public transport. Also a great idea for keeping your hands clean for touching yarn, fabric, your project you brought with you...
  11. Wear something hand made! We feel this needs no explanation.
  12. Portable project. Something small, and ideal for social knitting is best. This is not the time to be carrying 10 different colours and accompanying charts. Or adding beads to lace.
  13. Charity knits for Knit for Peace. We'll be collecting these at the after party so bring any new knits that you've made to donate and we'll trade them for raffle tickets. More knits = more changes to win our grand prize!
  14. Share the yarn love. Tag your snaps on the day on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #GLYC2016. You can also use our fave #3thingsforyarnlove, #lovelocalyarn, and #placesyoucanknit.
  15. Stay connected. Trade contact info with your Yarn Guide in case anyone in the group is separated.
  16. There's an app for that. Keep your event details close to hand by downloading Eventbase from your app store. Search for Great London Yarn Crawl 2016. From there you can favourite your route, our tips and packing list and after-party details so that you have them in a pinch.

Phew! If you made it this far, we salute you! Let us or your Yarn Guides know if you have any questions and we can't wait to see you on Saturday at the after party!