Knitters Against Malaria

Hello friends and yarn lovers -

2018 has been a terrific year for Yarn in the City. As we’ve been looking back on the last year we have been overwhelmed with thanks for your support, your friendship, and your yarn love.

With Christmas right upon us, it’s easy to hunker down for the next week or two and insulate ourselves with our family and friends. But it’s also the time for giving, which is why we’ve joined up with Rosy Green Wool and designer Melanie Berg in their campaign Knitters Against Malaria, running from today until January 31, 2019.


Malaria is a disease that most of us will never come in contact with or experience thanks to where we live and the healthcare we have access to. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in less developed parts of the world. In spite of malaria being preventable and treatable, nearly half a million people die from the disease every year and 400 million become ill from it.


Mosquitos carry the disease and are most active at night so sleeping under a bednet treated with insecticides can drastically reduce infections. This has proven to be so effective that in 2000 there were an estimated 800,000 deaths from malaria, compared to half of that last year. A net typically costs between $2-3 but lasts 3-4 years.


There are so many causes to give to that it can be difficult to choose. This year the knitting community, through Knitters Against Malaria has chosen to support the Against Malaria Foundation. If you haven’t yet made your own charity donation this holiday season, or if you’ve still got a few dollars or sterling to spare, we encourage you to consider making a donation to the Against Malaria Foundation through Knitters Against Malaria.

Thank you so much for your support. We wish you and yours the very best this holiday season, and a healthy and happy new year.


Allison & Rachel
Yarn in the City

Episode 90: The Christmas Episode

_MG_8912 web.jpeg

It’s our final episode of the year and thanks to the joys of modern technology (Allison is in London and Rachel is in sunny Australia) we’ve been able to connect and catch up.

News & Announcements

We’ve joined Rosy Green Wool and designer Melanie Berg, and their campaign Knitters Against Malaria. The campaign runs from December 24th, 2018 through to January 31st, 2019. If you’ve not made any holiday charitable donations yet or if you still have room to give, it only takes a few dollars to purchase bed nets for distribution in Africa to help prevent this devastating disease.

knitter of the year awards 2018.PNG

We are also tickled to have made the shortlist of nominees for Knit Now magazine’s Knitter of the Year 2018 Awards! We’re nominated in the Local Superstars category for our work creating yarn-y events and celebrating local and UK makers. Voting is now up to the public through the 31st of December so if you’re able to cast your vote for us, we’d really appreciate it! Check out all of the amazing nominees and cast your vote here.

What we’ve been working on

Thanks to the influence of Sockmatician’s Instagram and a sneaky trip to Morris & Sons in Sydney, Rachel has been working on the Knot Dead Yet cowl by Dan Lee. She’s also been spinning on her Turtlemade Turkish spindle from Alli, and enjoying the portability!

Allison’s progress on the Land of Sweets cowl and debate about which colour to do next

Allison’s progress on the Land of Sweets cowl and debate about which colour to do next

Allison is almost finished her Land of Sweets cowl by Helen Stewart while also working on the 1898 hat for Harrison for Christmas. She’s also knitting fingerless mitts and has her Make Nine lined up for 2019.

The Christmas Episode

We chatter on about what we’re doing for Christmas and how we’ve treated ourselves by supporting the Dreaming Robots Kickstarter for the new Electric Eel Wheel Nano.

Wrap Up

Many thanks for joining us for another episode! You can find the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio (please rate, review and subscribe!) and you'll find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, in our Yarn in the City group on Ravelry, or in person on Wednesday nights at our knit night between 7 and 10pm at The Breakfast Club on Battersea Rise. Programming note: our stitch night is on hiatus over the holidays and will resume the week of January 7th, 2019.

The podcast is now on hiatus for a wee break while Rach continues her travels. Don’t worry - we’ll be back in 2019 with new plans and new surprises!

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Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Sleeping at Last
Carol of the Bells - Future of Forestry
I’ll Be Home for Christmas - Sleeping at Last

Episode 50: Are We There Yet?

This is our penultimate episode of the year! With only a few weeks to go before Christmas, Rachel has lost her mind with her holiday knitting so we’ve found some gifts for knitters ideas to keep things sane in your own households and you can get back to your own projects instead of stuff for other people!

First a word from our sponsor:

The Loveliest Yarn Company is a new online yarn shop bringing you the loveliest yarn and knitting accessories.  Buying yarn online can be a bit fraught so they have gathered the best into one place.  They have knit, washed and worn everything so people know it’s all been tried and tested by knitters. 

The Loveliest Yarn Company stock artisan hand dyed yarn from Life in the Long Grass, organic merino from Rosy Green Wool, some great stalwarts of the yarn world from West Yorkshire Spinners, irresistible accessories from Merchant and Mills and lots more.  All from

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As YITC has international listeners, we currently ship to countries in the EU, Australia and New Zealand.  And they will be adding more countries as they grow. Welcome to The Loveliest Yarn Company!

News and Events

It's the last few days of Wovember!

3 December – Selvedge Makers’s Fair, St Augustine Church Hall London, 11-5:00.

6 Dec – Make handpainted gift wrap at VV Rouleaux

14 December - Late Night Knitty Lock-in at Wild & Woolly

16 December - Pom Pom Christmas party, 49 Tanner St London SE1 3PL

Will feature The Fibre Co., Fig Tree Yarns and John Arbon Textiles, as well as Francesca Hughes, Elisabeth Beverley, Coop Knits, Daughter of a Shepherd, Pink Hazel, La Bien Aimee, Beyond Measure and The Uncommon Thread.

Brioche classes for beginners at I Knit London on 3 Dec, 7 January and 21 January

What we’re working on

Allison is on the 13th stripe of 19 in Harrison’s Hogwarts scarf. In addition, she’s working on the Sonder Shawl by Helen Stewart. She’s also been making lists of what needs to happen in the next few weeks –maybe a couple of pairs of slippers, a quilt for her FIL and a throw for her brother. Plus a waistcoat for Jordan for Christmas.

Rachel is frantically trying to finish her Vestvember project, Aileen by Laura Aylor, in some lovely alpaca her husband bought her in Peru. Despite all great intentions not to get out of control with Christmas knitting, she is also looking to do two versions of Because Sock Yarn by Kate Atherley and two top down yoked sweaters for her kids for Christmas. Goodbye sleep, hello RSI!

Christmas gift ideas

Cashmere bundles – Loop Lux Adorna

Check your Gauge cloth – Cocoknits - available at A Yarn Story

Christmas book bundles from The Loveliest Yarn Co – Christmas bundles

Jewellery from Tangled Yarn

Christmas Tree ornaments from Katrinkle and Yarnistry (also Christmas stitch markers)

Gift tags from Beyond Measure

Patterns for Ornaments

Christmas Eve Bauble Renee Callahan

Cheers! Cheryl Niamath

Mini Christmas Stocking by Julie Williams

Crocheted Christmas Baubles by Carmen Heffernan

Minikins – Woolly Wormhead

You can find the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio and us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, in our Yarn in the City group on Ravelry, or in person on Wednesday nights at our knit night at the Goat between 7 and 10pm. Everyone’s really friendly and we hope to see you there!

Have a great couple of weeks and we’ll chat with you soon!

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Falling Like Snow - Canaries in the Coal Mine
Two Birds - Katey Laurel
Raise the Tree - Trent Dabbs

Episode 27: Christmas Chatter

It's our second-to-last episode before the end of the year! We're chatting about Christmas prep, parties and what we've been working on.

News and Events:

20th December - Prick Your Finger's Unravelling Ceremony, 4:30 - 8:30 pm.

20th December is also the last day of the A Yarn Story #AYSWinterCablesKAL! Don't forget to tag your projects on Ravelry and Instagram for a chance to win some great prizes!

What we're working on:

Close up of the smooshy cables on Rachel's Ifjord hat

Close up of the smooshy cables on Rachel's Ifjord hat

Rachel has finished the fingerless mittens she was making for her girls as well as an Ifjord hat for her husband to find under the tree.

Allison's husband appreciated an early gift and that Grettir is a "tasteful" Christmas jumper

Allison's husband appreciated an early gift and that Grettir is a "tasteful" Christmas jumper

Allison had a squeaker of a finish getting her Grettir sweater done in time for her husband to wear in family photos with Father Christmas. She's now moved on to attempting to finish a pair of socks in time for Christmas for her Dad.

A short and sweet episode for you this time around! Be sure to join us on Christmas Day an escape the frenzy with us as we'll have a special episode with special guest Clara Parkes.

Happy Christmas!

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Winter Anthem - The Bergamot
Carol of the Bells - Future of Forestry
Raise the Tree - Trent Dabbs

Episode 26: Counting Down to Christmas

We've had our last event of the year, the Bath Christmas Craft Crawl, which has inspired us to think about knitting gifts and gifts for knitters.

News and Events

Getting a knit on while waiting to visit the archive at the Bath Fashion Museum and discovering The Makery

Getting a knit on while waiting to visit the archive at the Bath Fashion Museum and discovering The Makery

The Bath Christmas Craft Crawl Recap!

5th December - Knit for Peace Knit-in at the Barbican

11th December - PPQ Christmas party

London Craft Guide Update

Now with the designers, and looking at an end-of-2015 or very-early-2016 release date. Thank you all for your patience and our apologies about the continued delay!

Important note: if you preordered the book at the Yarn in the City Pop Up Marketplace, please email us!!!

What we’re working on

Rachel has almost finished two sets of fingerless mittens in Mind the Gap sport weight, and has decided (for the moment) that the other presents aren't due until just after Christmas, and can therefore wait. She is madly and obsessively working on Dark and Stormy by Thea Colman in SweetGeorgia Superwash Merino in Wasabi.

Allison has whipped up a basic but quick cowl out of her latest handspun

Allison has whipped up a basic but quick cowl out of her latest handspun

Allison is making great progress on Grettir by Jared Flood, and is almost at yoke. She's finished a quick, made up cowl with Porpoise Fur handspun from the Lab Goddess Fibre Club, and has a pair of socks for her dad to work on; pattern is from Kate Atherley's new book, "Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet", which we reviewed in Episode 23.

2015 Gift Guide – Tiny Treats

Yarn bowls - Emily Cross Ceramics, Little Wren Pottery, Hadley Clay, Earth Wool & Fire, and Kingfishersblue.

Sheep Shawl sticks by JUL Designs.

Sirka counter - photo courtesy of YAK

Sirka counter - photo courtesy of YAK

Sirka counter, available at YAK or Meadow Yarn.

Moth cards by Max Alexander, available at Prick Your Finger or Max’s World.

Silver crochet hooks by Lyn Roberts at A Yarn Story

The Knitters Keep from CocoKnits - photo courtesy of CocoKnits

The Knitters Keep from CocoKnits - photo courtesy of CocoKnits

Christmas jumper earrings - photo courtesy of Hello Sunshine

Christmas jumper earrings - photo courtesy of Hello Sunshine

Knitters jewellery - Hello Sunshine, Max's World, Silverdashery

John Arbon's fabulous wool and alpaca socks

Grounded by Heather Ordover

Off the air, you can find us on RavelryFacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest. Please leave a review for us on iTunes or listen to us on Stitcher Radio, and don't hesitate to share your thoughts and feedback with us. We are always out and about, so come say hi at any of the events we're attending if you get a chance! Everyone is also more then welcome to join our Wednesday night knit group from 7-9 pm (or longer) upstairs at The Goat on the Rise, Clapham SW11 1EQ. 

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This Christmas - Paste Holiday Sampler 2014
Christmas is All Around (Love Actually) - Sleeping at Last