Episode 81: The Power of Community

*** Audio Alert: we're both away on holidays so this podcast was recorded remotely. Sadly, due to technology it's not our usual high-quality audio and there is some background noise occasionally. We'll try to find a better solution for the next episode! ***

On today’s episode we talk about knitters using their powers for good, both individually and with their communities to back them up. There have been some amazing happenings in the wider woolly world recently and we couldn’t be more impressed with a couple of examples, the East London Knitters #sayballstotrump banner and The Tits Out Collective, headed by Countess Ablaze.

Great London Yarn Crawl 2018 – Update

Can you call an event sold out when there are only 5 tickets left?? We’d like to think so. With only a handful of tickets left on the Bloomsbury and City of London routes, the GLYC takes place on Saturday, September 1st and tickets are only £20. Plus we’ll be collecting handknits for Knit for Peace and holding our popular raffle for Refuge too. More details on our website!

What we’re working on

Allison finished the Lily baby sweater and it has been sent to the lucky recipient! She’s also finished crocheting the French Market Bag, which her mom promptly claimed. Knitting continues on Praline while she tries not to get too distracted with all the different yarns she’s seeing on holiday in Canada. She may have also inadvertently joined the Tour de Fleece (hooray!) with the happy purchase of an Electric Eel Wheel Mini at her LYS in Calgary.

Rachel has been spinning for Tour de Fleece, and so far has managed to spin every day except for Stage 13, when she was busy finishing her Lily baby sweater. She was so thrilled about the baby sweater instant gratification, that she cast on Arrival by Dani Sunshine. She’s also finished her prototype shawl design for an upcoming project, and has wound up yarn to cast on Study Hall by Sarah Schira from Knitty First Fall when she goes on holiday later this week.


Electric Eel Wheel - https://www.dreamingrobots.com/

Subersive Cross Stitch - https://subversivecrossstitch.com/blog/ 

The Power of Community

We talk about some recent events in our community - the East London Knitters Say Balls to Trump and an amazing blog post from Knit with Attitude, and the Tits Out Collective.

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Wrap up:

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