YINGO = Yarn in the City Yarn Bingo

Hello yarn lovers!

As we promised on our most recent episode of the podcast, we've been planning a new photo challenge in honour of our visit to the upcoming Edinburgh Yarn Festival and the Blacker Yarns Podcast Lounge. It's a little something we like to call YINGO. Or, Yarn in the City Yarn Bingo.

Want a  PDF version ? Download your Yarn in the City YINGO card  here !

Want a PDF version? Download your Yarn in the City YINGO card here!

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast yet or you've found this post from Instagram, we just want to outline how it's going to work, plus provide a few rules to keep in mind:

  1. Follow Yarn in the City on Instagram (if you haven't already).
  2. Use the collage or multi-photo feature on Instagram when you have a YINGO. These can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
  3. Use the caption to tell us which photo prompts your YINGO images correspond to.
  4. Tag your post with the hashtags #yarninthecityyingo #yarnbingo #yitcyarnadventures.
  5. Each YINGO post is worth one entry for our yarn-y prize pack.
  6. If you complete your entire YINGO card you'll get FIVE entries!
  7. Our yarn-y prize pack winner will be drawn randomly the week of March 19th from entries that we see on Instagram using the hashtags between Monday, March 12th and Sunday, March 18th, 2018.

See? Simple! BUT, as we said on the podcast, there are a few things for you to consider:

  1. It goes without saying but we will say it anyway: if you're taking a photo of someone, or someone's stand, or someone's stash or someone's whatever, please ask permission first!
  2. BE CREATIVE! Don't assume that these prompts are related to ticketed events - we've purposefully left some of the EYF-related prompts more general so that they're not specific to an event that not everyone may have a ticket for. Knit night could be with your mates in your Airbnb, the lobby of your hotel, on the train up to Edinburgh, wherever!
  3. Yarn is lovely but so is Edinburgh - get out and try to see some of the city too!
  4. We all know that the Edinburgh Yarn Festival is a big deal to a lot of people (visitors, vendors, teachers, volunteers, etc) and Jo and Mica and their team work incredibly hard to make this amazing thing happen. It is also incredibly busy, not to mention easy to succumb to the yarn fumes! With that mind, please be kind and conscious of people's time and space.

That's it! We can't wait to play along with you and see what wonderful images you guys choose to share with us. We'll both be working during the show so you can find us either in the Podcast Lounge or working on the A Yarn Story stand. We'll be enjoying EYF vicariously through your images!

Not long to go now! See you in Edinburgh!