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why doesn't bear grylls knit? project bags

Get one of our custom printed project bags, bearing the everlasting question proposed at the 2017 GLYC After Party - why doesn't Bear Grylls knit? Made of 100% cotton from an ethically run factory in India, these bags were screen printed just for us by The Knitting Goddess, and are available for a limited time only.

£18.00 including packing and postage


want to know more about London's best yarn, fabric and haberdashery shops?

buy our book!


London Craft Guide - cover mock up.png

London Craft Guide: now available
The first book from Yarn in the City takes the Great London Yarn Crawl to the next level with this guide to London's yarn, fabric and haberdashery shops.
Includes patterns for eight knit, crochet and sewing projects in case inspiration hits while you're exploring the City! Free digital download included with purchase of a print copy.

Price: £16.50 Print and digital, £14.00 digital only

NEW Price: £14.00 Print and digital

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